Club Rush

Club Rush

Club Rush is a bi-annual event at Agoura High School. During an extended Nutrition, club presidents run booths, and students sign up for clubs. There is a Fall Club Rush and a Spring Club Rush.

1) Make sure your Club Constitution is filled out. This is imperative to participate.

2) Notify me if your club will not be attending Club Rush. If I receive no notice, I will assume you will be there.

3) A day or two before Club Rush, you will receive a pass slip. This slip excuses you ten minutes early from your 2nd period class so that you can set up your Club Rush table. Hold onto this!

4) Before the day of the event, make sure to prepare.

5) Make sure you know where your club table is by checking out the map.


 Have fun at Club Rush and remember that bribing potential members with candy will likely lead to fake emails.
Want to avoid this? Just give out candy for free so that the people who sign up are actually interested.

7) Afterwards, take all belongings with you and make sure to pick up any trash near your table, too! If you can stay a little bit afterwards to help clean up, you are a beautiful soul.

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